The Reality


Get ready for a fresh dose of The Reality! This funkadelic foursome hails from the sunny shores of Tampa, Florida and has hit the bay area with a new sound that has the masses in a daze, like a hot summer’s day. With music as sweet and juicy as the first bite of one of the bands signature pineapples, pin your ears back and listen to their soul drenched music and see why fans are just begging for another sip!
Known for their unique blend of funk, jazz, reggae and rock, the collective quartet has brought a fresh and exciting presence to the music scene, always daring to push the limits and break new boundaries. Fans compare us to the classics such as Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix, mixed with modern sounds such as Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and John Mayer, IF you can wrap your mind around that one.
In addition to their wildly innovative original music, The Reality brings their same flair to cover classics such as "Can't Stop" "What I Got" and "Superstition" as well as more up to date hits like "Uptown Funk" "Sunday Morning" and "Get Lucky" making them perfect for your event! Available for weddings and private parties / luncheons as well as festivals and collaborated concerts. Look no further than The Reality for all your musical needs. They spread the message of love and unity everywhere they go. Help them share the message?
Curious? Just click play and find out what The Reality is all about.

Band Members:

Dan Jones - Fueled by Cuban coffee, Florida orange juice, and medicinal herbs, you’ll catch this lead singer/songwriter/guitarist occasionally even sporting a trombone during the shows. Widely known in Ybor City (Tampa’s historic district) as the player to see for a number of reasons. His skills and knowledge of music and his instrumental prowess put him on another level of artistry completely. But beyond that, Dan’s passion for music and his clearly evident love of playing is what you really take home. The way he communicates a variety of emotions and color via sound is truly artistic and inspirational.

Caleb Bone - Another rare Florida native, Caleb takes the smooth, melodic bass lines of Flea, Pino Palladino and Victor Wooten, and combines that with classic slap tones made by Les Claypool and Marcus Miller. In addition to his skills on his instrument, he is a 4 time Florida All-State singer. Making him “One of the best double-threats in the touring business” Dan stated. He also went on to say “I am truly blessed to be working with who I whole-heartedly believe are some of the best musicians in the area.” Caleb sings warm and rich harmonies with Dan’s melodies while simultaneously playing extremely intricate and innovative bass lines.

Austin Kelly - a true Florida Man, Austin Kelly grew up in the suburbs of east Orlando and spent much of his time skateboarding and playing trumpet. He seems to care not for the monotonous hustle and bustle of daily life, instead drawing his inspiration and spiritual sustenance from writing and discovering new music everyday with his friends and family alike. Recently equipped with a music degree from USF, and armed with his undeniable affinity for old school ska/rocksteady/reggae, this kid is ready to honk!!!

BA Jones - Born in San Antonio, tx and raised in Fl. With his sweet syncopated rhythms he's sure to make your head bob and your hips shake. BA gathers his drumming identity from funk, jazz, gospel, rock, and traditional percussion styles. Don't blink or you may miss a beat.