Follow The Monarchs


Hard-hitting psychedelic outfit from Dunedin, Florida, Follow The Monarchs flutters between contemplative post-rock, jam band improvisation, indie experimentation & the energy of hardcore punk. Follow The Monarchs uses no true genre compass to mandate their direction, generating a sound that lands in unique places, unexpected both to the listener and band itself. Various shows include guest musicians who impact not only the sound but directionality of a Follow The Monarchs performance, shaping the sound like a kaleidoscope.

Follow The Monarchs hails from Dunedin, Florida, and was founded by Michael Lyn Bryant, Joe Knoebel, Cabe Crisler, & Alex Sears in 2018. In 2020, the band locked down, wrote, and recorded their Self-Titled debut album. Since that time, the band has lost and gained a member through a natural metamorphosis that continuously defines the band amidst chaos. The current line-up is as follows:

Michael Lyn Bryant - Guitar / Synth
Joe Knoebel - Guitar
Cabe Crisler - Bass
Brad Elliot - Drums

“The only constant at a FTM show is that you never know what’s coming next.” - Scott Hopkins,

“It’s like Punk Rock meets Pink Floyd” - Tom Bennett

“The sound is very different from everything else going on and that’s why I think it works” - Nook