SYZYGY is a three-piece progressive rock band from Gainesville, Florida. Their complex compositions have no boundaries on musical style and vision, lending to their reputation as one of the area’s most intense and creative bands.

Formed in 2013, SYZYGY consists of guitarist and vocalist Tom Nelly, bassist K.D. McClellan, and drummer Dan Landis. The trio embodies the band’s name – a term used to reference the alignment of three celestial bodies – by being fully in sync throughout the creation and performance of all their intricate conceptions. The excellent and nuanced use of dynamics and variations on a theme invite listeners on an exciting musical journey where intrepid travelers are safe in the hands of such gifted, seasoned musicians.

Together, the trio’s combined ability to cohesively include theoretical intricacies and complex poly rhythms – all while maintaining an underlying groove that allows the songs to remain palatable and danceable to a wide variety of audiences – is absolutely phenomenal.

Listen to their new album, Misconnected Man.