The Grass is Dead


"At the core of The Grateful Dead is the heart of American music, which is bluegrass and folk. You cannot hide behind these two genres. What you get in the studio is what you get onstage. And it's that vulnerability and honesty that sets the tone and attitude apart from the haphazard and polished nature of pop radio. Putting their music through the prism of string music, Grass Is Dead showcases how Jerry & Co. buried innumerable gems of wisdom — sonically and spiritually — in the rich tapestry of their melodies and lyrics, all of which radiates in intimacy and inclusiveness of Grass Is Dead when they stand in front of the microphone, and also the unknown night of curiosity and exploration that they seek out and grasp with such ease."

— Garret K. Woodward, Music Editor - The Smoky Mountain News

“I have made music with Billy Gilmore off and on for more than 15 years. He is a sensitive and expressive musician with a great attitude.”

— David Gans-Musician /Host of the Grateful Dead Hour Radio and co-host of SiriusXM Grateful Dead Channel

“Playing with Billy Gilmore has always been a privilege for not only is he an accomplished master of all stringed instruments, from guitar (electric and acoustic), to mandolin, banjo, fiddle, pedal steel, and dobro, Billy is also one of the most joyful stage performers. Always engaging the audience and his fellow musisians and always ramping up the fun factor to a higher level. Billy Rocks!”

— Pete Lavezzoli – drummer from Melvin Seals, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil and Friends and Crazy Fingers.