Ashley Smith and the Random Occurrence


Tampa based Ashley Smith & The Random Occurrence (ASTRO) burst onto the scene in 2017. Powerful yet sultry vocals combined with flowing red hair and hypnotic movements create a strong front woman in Ashley Smith. Their shows take you on an emotional journey of love, loss, and finding yourself with beautifully intricate, poetic lyrics. Fellow song writer, vocalist, and acoustic guitarist John Soler joins in to create a perfect harmonic blend of passion. Complementing these two are the supremely talented violinst Nick Ewing and bassist David Diaz. Driving the rhythm and soul is where Bryan Smith on electric guitar and Andrew Kilmartin on drums come in. ASTRO conjures a likeness to a red headed daughter of Etta James and Mumford & Sons. This 6 piece brings a powerhouse of life and begs the question, “Can you feel it now”? With an album in the works, this group is set to take on the scene